Phase 1, Roadmapping

The beginning of any project with us starts with a mandatory roadmapping session. You can schedule your first session here. This roadmapping session is a time for us to discover everything about your project. From your goals to your desired outcome of the work, this stage is where we get to know you and your project.

Each roadmapping session ends with the same deliverable. We give you an entire prototype of your project. You can then use this prototype to continue on to phase 2 (design and development) with us. If you would like, you can also take the prototype to any other developer or agency. You will have everything they need to complete your project.

Phase 2, Design and Development

After our roadmapping phase, your project is ready for design, development, or both. We often find that design and development costs go down after a roadmapping session. We save our clients unnecessary costs by identifying the best minimal viable product. At the conclusion of phase 2, your site is ready to go live.

Phase 3, Automation

After phase 2, we set up your website or app with the latest tools in marketing automation. This lets you provide a personalized experience to every customer and visitor. This personalized experience builds trust. It also ensures that every lead is tracked based on their initial interest level in your product. They can then be automatically guided through your marketing and sales funnels. Once automation is set up the amount of work required to reach an audience of 10 vs an audience of 10,000 is the same.