Burnout: The Slow Killer

We all deal with feeling burnt out at times. The key to long term success as a freelancer or a business owner is finding out what is causing the burnout and what you can do to combat it. Learn what we do to combat the always-present feeling of being burnt out from overworking.

Rules, Boundaries, and Limitations with Clients

Are you struggling to manage your clients? In this post, we explore what setting rules, boundaries, and limitations with your clients looks like and what the final effect is. Learn how we manage our client relationships to ensure long term success for us both.

Music Exploration and Web Development: A Match Made in Heaven

Do you listen to music while you work? Do you find yourself more productive or less? Are you listening to new music or the same old stuff? Learn what I am doing to stay productive and find new interesting music on a daily basis.

Consuming Content is a Slow Killer

There is an unbelievable amount of content out there for us all to consume, but does it benefit us? How else can we prioritize our time to be less about consuming and more about creating?

Wearing Multiple Hats: The Good and Bad

I think everyone has a small part of their ego that enjoys saying, “Yeah…I do a little bit of everything around here.” Are you actually using your time wisely if you are doing a little bit of everything? You know what they say, “Jack of all trades, master of none.”

The Two Ways We Have Approached Web Dev: Pros and Cons

Maturing in the web industry comes with a great deal of fear. Leaving old paths to blaze new trails can always be a tough decision. Learn why we are approaching our work differently and what caused this change.